We are very proud to be entirely Organic and Certified Pasture-for-Life and wish to leave our land in a better place than we found it. We practise Regenerative farming which improves our soil health and increases biodiversity. We are surrounded by insects and bird song. Carbon is locked up in our improved soils and purer water leaves our land.

The cattle fertilise our fields as we move them daily onto fresh pastures where they trample, eat and leave some long grasses. This results in our roots establishing which continually improves our soil health.

ORGANIC means that our land is never sprayed with chemicals and never receives any artificial fertiliser. Our system of production means that we have devised methods to eliminate stress in the lives of our cattle and preventive medical intervention and treatment is unnecessary.

PASTURE-FOR-LIFE means that none of our cattle receive any grains during the whole of their lives. The beef has increased unsaturated fats and increased vitamins and minerals resulting in a very tasty nutrient dense meat.