Our Team

Ian Boyd

I was born and brought up on our farm and I have now farmed it for over 40 years. For the last 15 years, we have put the wildlife and their habitats first whilst still trying to run a farm business. This has involved a change of mindset helped by my passion for wildlife photography. It is so great to see all my family and especially the next generation increasingly involved. A few years ago I thought I was looking forward to doing a bit less but there is still so much to do on our journey to restoring our farmland wildlife and we have a great story to tell. 


Cathy Boyd

'I started selling our beef about 10 years ago. I’ve learned a lot since then! It is so easy to be passionate about our products because they are completely sustainable and traceable (using our QR codes) and delicious... so say our 1000+ lovely customers. I love chatting with everyone, helping them with their individual orders and providing recipes for each new cut they wish to try. Marketing and sales is very rewarding when I have a beautiful product to share.

Steph Ackrill

I joined the team 5 years ago as I saw the potential to grow a fantastic business. It was clear when I joined that demand for our product was incredibly high. Coming from a business background rather than a traditional farming education I bring a different set of skills to our team. I am thoroughly enjoying selling and marketing our beef alongside my mum as well as designing strategies for future proofing our system in a sustainable manner. My parents have produced a wonderful farming system and I am very much enjoying taking us on the next step of our journey.