Individual Cuts

If you would prefer to make up your own order please see the list below of all the cuts we regularly offer. 

To place a bespoke order please email us at or call Cathy on 07976 691589 or Steph on 07515 911762. 

If there is something you would like that is not on the list, please let us know and we will see if we can help. Please note that we encourage nose to tail eating, and therefore do not sell steak on its own. 

We currently offer the following: 

Rib on the Bone

Fillet - Whole or cut to size

Sirloin Steaks (2 Steaks per Packet)

Rump Steaks (2 Steaks per Packet) and Picanha (Rump Cap Joint)

Ribeye Steaks (2 Steaks per Packet)

Flat Iron Steaks 

Minute Steaks (4 steaks per packet)

Roasting Joint 1kg - 3.5kg (Topside/ Silverside/ Top Rump)

Salt Beef

Brisket (rolled or unrolled) 1kg - 3.5kg 

Leg of Mutton cut (LMC) / Chuck Roast - Lean Slow roasts 1kg - 3.5kg

Jacobs Ladder / Short Ribs 

Braising Steak (500g per Packet)

Feather Blade 


Stewing Steak (500g per Packet)

Shin (500g per Packet)

Mince (500g per packet)

Home Made Burgers (4 Burgers per packet)



Ox Cheek







Organ Fat